We are DAM GOOD SOUL, an independent production company. We make dam good R & B/ soul and hip hop music. We aim to produce for a wide range of new indie artists . We create big music constantly creating and are always incorporating new musical influences. If you want Good music, we have it. If you want to collaborate we can do that too.

Soul star(Soul/ R & B Producer)

I grew up listening so much different genres of music when I was young. I was born in the 70’s in London city. Both my parents are from Nigeria and came to live in London in the early 1960’s. It was a serious time for music.

Soul from America’s black club scenes was just starting to emerge in the Uk. Has a young child growing up in the 70’s. My dad use to play music from legendary artists like James Brown, Curtis Mayfield and funkadelic. It was all about monster afro’s and flares in those days (also checked trousseaus) I started buying music and tuning into more different types of music in the late 1980’s.

It was everything from pop music to straight up electro. I watched music programmes like, the word, top of the pops and soul train. So it was groups like the soul sonic force, Duran, Duran and loose ends.

I was really hooked on soul music which is my first love if I’m honest. I have always loved music as young child and the passion only grew when I got older.

In my early twenties, I not only listened to music, I bought lots of records and I went raving to it in the London night clubs. My favourite night clubs were the wag in the west end, Trends night spot in Hackney and Astoria in charring cross (all those clubs are gone now) The DJ’s I followed and listened to back in the day, before I became one myself were; Norman Jay, Rampage, Trevor Nelson and PC Mistri.

I’ve done alot of DJing myself. I played the latest underground R & B and some new hip hop. I often wonder if I found music producing or if the music producing found me? When I met Knock Out, he really put me on to music producing because he was already into producing himself.

Our musical tastes were different in some areas but very similar in others. We decided to start something (at that point we didn’t know what). But way back in 2001 we decided to start SOMETHING…….I guess that was when dam good soul was born.

Knock Out(hip hop producer)

When I grew up in the early 1970s, I used to get many of my musical influences from my dad too. He used to have a stack of records in the living room. Every Sunday morning, dad used to be playing old music(which was fairly new at the time) he had a huge collection and he used to add to it all the time.

So just before, my mum sat us all down to eat at the table for Sunday dinner. It was music time in my front room. Dad used to draw some real tunes. Back then you had records on 7inch, 12inch,45inch, and of cause the albums on 33inch.

I heard every thing from lovers’ rock from Janet Kay to country and western music by Don Williams. That was my music lessons as a young child. My dad was the teacher and the front room was the classroom.

I started searching for new music of my own when I got to my teens. My older sister who was three years older than me, used to be the one who bought a lot of records and tapes. I just followed her and the music that she liked, which was very much to my taste.

So the sounds of Chaka khan, Soul 2 Soul and Full force, were want I got into. When I discovered hip hop music (electro at first) I went crazy. Here was a form of music that was wild but structured and refined to send a social message to young people.

I was always into hip hop from school days. At first I was body popping and then I was rapping. I loved rappers like Rakim, Chuck D, LL, Cool J and EPMD to name a few. I only started my life as a hip hop producer a good few years after I moved on from a rap group I created with a good friend Freddie.

This was because I just wanted to rap and was looking for a producer in my area (north London) to produce for me. It was hard because at that time. Rappers had one producer who DJ/producer everything for them.

So you really couldn’t go to a another rappers DJ/producer and say “hey can you produced for me as well” It just didn’t happened that way back then(80’s early 90’s). So after few false starts trying to find a producer so I could rap over their beats.

I decided to go and do it for myself. I had been around enough good producers to know the basics. I also had a load of ideas that I thought might work. My road to proper production what I’m doing now was along and rocky one.

On that long road I met up with soul star who was a Dj at the time. He had some amazing ideas. I knew that could work in the studio. I put him onto certain techniques about the production but to me he had already.

That’s how I believe dam good soul started way back in 2001. Although we wasn’t dam good soul then we were just something (we didn’t know what, but just something).